At PURE Building Group, we take our inspiration from you. We are driven by the desire to help you realize your dreams. We can all use some inspiration, whatever the source. What inspires you?

Well, from everyone at PURE Building Group, "welcome". This is the first entry on our Insights page. The Insights page is our own internal blog. Its purpose is to inspire and educate our viewers. Topics of entries will include project updates, current events affecting housing, insights into real estate and finance, as well as insights into construction materials, construction methods, and construction tools. In addition, we threw in a Miscellaneous category to keep things interesting. You can also stay informed with all things PURE, by liking us on Facebook ( and following us on Twitter (@PURE_BG).

At PURE Building Group, we take inspiration from you - our fans and our clients. What inspires us is to empower you to realize your dreams. Whether it be the custom home of your dreams or a simple DIY renovation, we are inspired to help you realize that vision. That being said, it is only fitting that our first upload onto the Insights page be an inspiring video from none other than Kid President. Enjoy.

Posted Jun 18, 2013